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Bathroom Refurbishment Services at Peterborough

Bathroom Installation in Peterborough

Expert bathroom installations in Peterborough, bathroom renovation services available 24/7, reliable and affordable services.

Experience peacefulness at home with JDNA's top-notch bathroom installations in Peterborough. Expertly crafted designs meet high-quality plumbing for your perfect sanctuary.


Bathroom Installation Near me Peterborough

Your bathroom is like the MVP of your house, and upgrading it could be a big game-changer. You need a solid plan, great stuff, a crack team for bathroom installation near me, and a project boss to make your new bathroom the star of the show.

Here's the good news - we have got your back! We imagine, deliver, and assemble bathrooms for busy folks who want a no-fuss process. You do not have to worry about finding the right workers or managing a big project – we do it all

Bathroom Refurbishment Services at Peterborough

Bathroom Plumbing Services Peterborough


Bathroom Faucets

Have you got a problem with your bathroom sink or faucet? Do not sweat it! Our expert plumbers are ready to swoop in and save the day. Whether it is a tiny fix or a big replacement job, our team at JDNA LTD can handle it.

Parisian Bath Tub

Bathroom Tubs

Need a new tub or an excellent whirlpool? Our plumbers are the best. They can put in a new tub for you or fix any problems with your tub's fixtures or drains. So, if your bathtub is giving you trouble, these are the folks you want to call. They are handy with tools, and they get the job done right!

Bathroom Toilet

Bathroom Toilets

Are you on the hunt for a new toilet? Our top-notch plumbers can handle all your toilet problems. Whether you want to put in a comfy, high toilet, fix a leaky or blocked one, or change the old parts inside your toilet, they have it covered.


Bathroom Remodelling

Looking for a fresh bathroom look? Our team at JDNA Plumbing will join forces with you and your builder to make everything go smoothly. No builder? We got you! Our plumbers work well with some great contractors who can help. Call our JDNA Plumbing team today.

Our Bathroom Installation Work

Your bathroom is like the MVP of your house, and upgrading it could be a big game-changer. You need a solid plan, great stuff, a crack team for bathroom installation near me, and a project boss to make your new bathroom the star of the show.

Looking for a bathroom refresh in Peterborough? We have got you covered! Here is what we can do:

  • Trade your old bathroom stuff for new, similar items. Imagine a sparkling new sink replacing the old one!

  • Put in new pieces in your bathroom. How about a stylish cabinet while your favourite tub stays?

  • Total bathroom redo. Just like swapping out your old bathroom for a luxurious personal spa!

  • Make brand-new wet rooms and shower rooms. It will feel like walking into a calming rain shower.

  • Add new en-suites and cloakrooms. Perfect for your visiting friends!

Look up bathroom installation companies near me, and we will help make your bathroom wish a reality.

Bathroom Refurbishment Services

Have an emergency? Or looking for a maintenance or quote? Call us today at 07568 079376

We Handle Bathroom Installation For Businesses and Homeowners

JDNA LTD is like your bathroom makeover dream team. They have pros who can handle everything - out with the old, in with the new, and leave everything shiny when they are done.

Nobody likes a bathroom under construction for too long, right? Don't worry! The JDNA LTD crew work super fast, but they still do a top-notch job. If you are in Peterborough, UK, you are in luck! Just give JDNA LTD a call, and they will get started on your project as fast as they can


Full Custom Bathroom Remodels In Peterborough

Fed up with your bathroom's old, falling-apart bits and pieces? Fancy turning it into your very own chill-out spa? Our crew is on standby to help! Whether you fancy sprucing up your existing bathroom or crafting a brand-new one, our design whizz-kids and skilled pros are ready to make your dream come true. You will get to see a snazzy 3D version of your soon-to-be bathroom, which you can take a virtual stroll around and tweak to your heart's content. You'll get to choose from lots of cool stuff like:

  • Funky lighting

  • Snazzy countertops

  • Sleek fittings

  • Bath and shower finishes

  • Floors you will want to walk barefoot on

  • Clever places to hide your bathroom essentials

  • And so much more!

Modern Bathroom

Our Bathroom Installers

We have the finest experts for each step of your makeover or new installation. For big jobs needing a team of specialists, we provide a Project Manager. They will take care of arranging everything to run smoothly.

Here's what our crew can do:

  1. Bathroom Beauty: They will fit stylish furniture and handle all the pipe stuff.

  2. Super Showers: They have covered everything, from setting up your shower to perfecting the screens.

  3. Drain Masters: Dealing with all things wastewater and big pipe related.

  4. Electric Extras: Installing snazzy lights and making sure your room breathes easily.

  5. Heat Treats will keep you toasty with heated towel rails and warm floors.

  6. Carpentry Creations: Our experts shape everything from custom cabinets to framing and boxing.

  7. Window Wizards: Whether it's fitting fresh windows or blocking the old, they are on it.

  8. Plaster & Tile Pros: They are stars at plastering, tiling, and grouting.

Color Crafters: Finally, they will get the painting and decorating down to fine art.

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