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central heating services Peterborough

Central Heating Repairs In Peterborough

Fix Your Central Heating Problems with Expert Repairs in Peterborough—Reliable, and Affordable

JDNA Limited's certified technicians offer prompt, efficient central heating repairs in Peterborough, ensuring your home stays warm and cosy.

We were feeling the chill because your central heating is on the fritz. JDNA Ltd's got your back. With years in the process, we are like the heating giants. That odd clunking sound from your boiler? Consider it gone. We are friendly with all sorts of gas boilers, and more often than not, we have got you warmed up by the end of our first visit. In short, we diagnose, we repair, and you relax. 

Central Heating Repairs In Peterborough

Radiator Replacements

When your radiator stops working in winter, it is a big problem. But do not worry! Our team knows how to fix all kinds of central heating issues fast. We can replace your old radiator, put in a new one, or quickly fix the problem so you do not stay cold. Our goal is to get your heat back on as soon as possible. So you can relax and stay warm.


Boiler and Central Heating Installations

Are you feeling cold at home because your heating is not working? You are not alone. A lot of people have this issue. Search for central repair near me, and you will find us.


Our team can install a heating system that fits your needs and keeps your house warm. We also check your boiler every year to ensure it works well. This way, you can feel cosy and not worry.

Heating & Boiler Emergencies

If you have issues with your boiler or heating, we can help.

Here's what we fix:

  • If you smell gas, we find and fix the leak.

  • If pipes near your boiler are leaking, we stop it.

  • If your boiler shows warning messages, we solve the problem.

  • If your heating does not work, we make it work again.

  • We fix it if you have no hot water or low water pressure.


We are available 24 hours a day in Peterborough. You can call us anytime.

Central Heating Repairs in Peterborough

At JDNA LTD, we provide a range of central heating services for Peterborough residents, including:


  • - Central Heating Servicing

  • - Central Heating Repairs

  • - Central Heating Maintenance

  • - Central Heating Upgrades

  • - Central Heating Efficiency Checks

  • - Radiator Balancing

Comprehensive Central Heating Maintenance

Have you got a cold house? That is not good for you and your home. It can cause damp spots, mould, and even break your pipes. That is where we come in. Our heating system repair keeps your home warm and saves you money in the long run.

Our engineers know their stuff and are trained to high standards. With over 50 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of homes in Peterborough. So do not wait. Fix your heating with us and stay warm all winter.

Nipping Boiler Problems In The Bud!

If your boiler is acting up, do not worry! We are JDNA Ltd and are here to help people in Banstead and nearby areas. We can fix your heating system, put in a new one, or keep it running smoothly without costing you too much.

Why pick us? Well, we are a family business that cares. Most of the time, we can fix things in just one visit. Also, we bring small heaters to help older people and families with kids if needed. So, when it gets cold, and your heating is not working, call JDNA. We will make sure you are warm again quickly!

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