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EICR Services in Peterborough

Expert EICR Services: Ensuring Safety and Compliance for Your Peterborough Property

Comprehensive EICR Inspections by JDNA Limited

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Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Peterborough

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a document generated after inspecting the electrical setup of a property. It verifies the soundness of the installation and the safety of the building's electrical system.

When an EICR inspection takes place, a certified electrician identifies any harm or decline in your cables, wires, outlets, and electrical devices. They also recommend suitable actions or precautions.

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For those seeking an EICR in Peterborough, JDNA is your go-to. Our team assesses more than 5,000 properties monthly, making us the leading source of property certificates across the country. Our dependable electricians possess necessary DBS checks and insurance. Moreover, they are part of the relevant trade accreditation scheme.

JDNA simplifies EICR acquisition for landlords and estate agents managing multiple properties. You can order EICRs in bulk, get real-time updates, and obtain certificates for every postcode through our user-friendly online portal.

Electrical Work

Reasons to Secure an EICR

  • Ensuring your property's electrical components are in top-notch shape is key, and that's where an updated EICR comes in. It confirms everything is working fine. Here's what an EICR inspection usually spots:

  • Worn-out installations due to age, misuse, or general wear and tear.

  • Appliances that are old or broken and should be replaced.

  • Circuits that could be at risk of overheating or overloading.

  • Checking if the earthing and bonding are up to par.

  • EICR involves various tests: looking closely, testing while on, testing when off, and RCD testing. Our property inspectors are pros at this. They will carry out the tests swiftly, accurately, and with minimal interruption to your routine.

Fixed Wire Testing

  • For over years, we have been deeply committed to Fixed Wire Testing, crafting top-notch methods that set us apart from rivals. This vital process ensures electrical setups are safe and up to code. Once done, you'll get a current Electrical Installation Condition Report detailing any needed fixes. This is commonly known as an EICR.

  • Fixed Wire Testing is also referred to as Electrical Installation Testing, Hard Wire Testing, Fixed Electrical Testing, and an Electrical Installation Condition Report. Skipping this step jeopardises electrical safety, possibly leading to fines.

  • Our skilled engineers excel at identifying risks within your system. They inspect key areas like the main power supply, outlets, light fixtures, and wiring accessories. We're here to keep your space secure and up to standard.

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What Happens During the Electrical Inspection and Testing

  • details.

  • Type assessment: We determine if it's for home, business, or industry.

  • Power supply check: We identify single-phase or three-phase supply.

  • Unit and circuit count: We tally consumer units and circuits.

  • Appliance breakdown: We list fixed appliances, lights, and plugs if possible.

  • Heating and more: We document heating, cooking, and water heating appliances.

  • Circuit contents: We itemise what each circuit contains, ensuring accuracy.

  • Visual defect spotting: We visually inspect and identify any flaws.

  • Rigorous testing: We conduct both dead and live tests on circuits.

  • Cable scrutiny: We verify proper cable installation and sizing.

  • Essential checks: We ensure main earth conductor, gas and water pipe grounding.

  • Accessory grounding: We confirm grounding of metal switches and fittings.

  • Safety devices' assessment: We thoroughly test RCDs, AFDDs, and SPDs.

  • Is the PAT test a legal requirement?
    Yes, PAT testing is a legal requirement under Health and Safety laws.
  • Who is responsible for electrical appliance safety?
    Electric appliances are supposed to be safe in the workplace, but employers are responsible for ensuring they're safe.
  • Which items should be PAT tested?
    Portable electrical items that are used by employees or members of the public should be PAT tested.
  • What are ‘electrical classes’ in PAT testing?
    Electrical classes refer to the level of safety of an appliance and determine the type of PAT test needed.
  • How often should items be PAT tested?
    The frequency of PAT testing depends on the risk level, electrical class, and appliance category.
  • Who should carry out my Peterborough PAT Testing?
    A qualified and experienced PAT tester should carry out PAT testing in Peterborough .
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