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Heating Service in Peterborough

Stay Warm All Year Round with JDNA Limited's Expert Heating Service in Peterborough

Experience Reliable & Efficient Heating Solutions in Peterborough - JDNA Limited Ensures Your Comfort, Every Season

JDNA LTD ensures your heater works great so you stay warm and your bills stay low. We offer services like fixing and installing heaters.

We have teams nationwide, and each team knows their local area well. But they also have the support of our whole company. Our vans have all the necessary tools, and we keep learning to improve our jobs. We promise to make you happy with our service.

So don't wait, call us today!

Heater Repair & Installation Near Me

When your heater acts up, we are on it—no sweat. First, we figure out what is wrong. If it is a quick fix, consider it done. If you are dealing with an old clunker who is just guzzling your money away, it might be time for an upgrade. We will not leave you in the cold; we will guide you through picking a new system that fits your home and wallet.

Trust us, we stick to the rules. We are always up-to-date with local laws, ensuring your new heater warms your toes and ticks all the legal boxes. 

Heater repair services

What Are the Common Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

If your heating bill is getting high, it is a sign something's wrong with your heating system. Other clues include strange noises and bad smells from the heater. If it is also not running as long as usual, you may have a problem.

When to replace your heater? If you must fix it a lot—more than once a year—it is probably time for a new one. Most heaters last 10 to 15 years. Do not wait for an emergency to replace it.

That can be expensive and stressful. It is better to get a new, efficient heater before winter comes. This way, you will not be cold and save money in the long run. 

Furnace Services Near me In Peterborough

Winter is not a joke in Peterborough—it's a fact of life. But don't stress. JDNA LTD is here for you. Need emergency furnace service in Peterborough? Or maybe a brand-new heating system? Our skilled team has your back.

Listen, yearly check-ups for your furnace are not just a good idea; they are essential. A quick safety inspection can keep your home toasty all winter long. Trust us—you do not want to learn the hard way when your house turns into an icebox.

Peterborough Heating Repair

Why Choose JDNA Heating Services?

JDNA Boiler services

Responsive Emergency Boiler Services in Peterborough

Our Gas Safe registered engineers are well-equipped to handle any boiler emergency, from quick fixes to detailed repairs. We are not just about solving problems; we also offer routine servicing and annual maintenance to keep your heating system in optimal condition.


Efficient Heating Installation in Peterborough

JDNA LTD is a recommended and accredited boiler installer, partnering with top boiler manufacturers. Our skilled engineers can seamlessly install radiators, central heating pumps, thermostats, and complete heating systems, providing you with reliable warmth.

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Central Heating Maintenance for Efficiency in Peterborough

Maximize energy savings and lower your bills with our annual heating servicing and maintenance. Our experts optimize your central heating system, ensuring your boiler, immersion heater, and radiators work efficiently.

JDNA Location

Prompt Heating Repairs in Peterborough

For over 70 years, our Gas Safe Registered engineers have been resolving heating issues, whether it's a radiator leak, thermostat glitch, or pump malfunction. Your comfort and safety are our priorities.

Gas Ducted Heater Service

  • First, we ensure your home is safe by checking for a bad gas called carbon monoxide.

  • We clean your fan well to get rid of dust.

  • If you have a part called a Thermistor, we check and fix it.

  • We test how well gas flows in your home.

  • If your system can change heat in different rooms, we ensure it works well.

  • We check that the air coming into your system is clean.

  • Last, we set the temperature to keep you warm and comfy.


This is what we do in our affordable heating service in Peterborough. We want to keep you and your family safe and warm.

Heating Services in Peterborough

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Boiler Services and Repairs

Oil Boiler Service

Central Heating Service

Central Heating Repairs

Hot Water System

Gas Boiler Service

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