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How Long Does It Take To Wire A House?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

In today's blog, I will tell you how long it takes to wire your house. That can be your new house, old house, office, etc. Read with me!

It takes up to 3 to 10 days to wire a house. This period may vary depending on the size and age of the house.

You know that electricity is essential for living and you don't want to shift or live in a house without electricity. Let me cover you with each step and information regarding wiring your home. Take your time and scroll for more.

How To Install The Wiring In The House?

  1. Hire a Professional Electrician: For safety and efficiency, it's recommended to hire a professional electrician to handle the wiring of your house.

  2. Planning: Create a detailed plan for the electrical system. This includes deciding the positions for switches, fixtures, and outlets according to the house's layout.

  3. Installation of Outlets: Install the electrical outlets as per the designed plan. This step is crucial for ensuring that power is accessible where needed.

  4. Running Wires: Carefully run the electrical wires through the house's walls. This step involves threading wires to connect each outlet and switch to the main power terminal.

  5. Connecting to the Main Terminal: If qualified, the electrician (or you) will join the wiring system to the main electrical terminal, ensuring a safe and secure connection to the power source.

  6. Installing Switches and Fixtures: Place switches and fixtures in their designated locations per the initial plan.

  7. Verification Process: Once everything is installed, conduct a thorough verification process to ensure the electrical system works accurately and safely.

  8. Utilize Underground Tunnels for Wires (Optional): To avoid clutter and enhance safety, consider running the wiring through underground tunnels within the house.

In How Many Stages The Whole House Gets Wired?

Smaller houses need less time than bigger houses to be wired. The electric planning, wiring, switches, fixtures, outlets, etc, play an essential role in getting a house done with wiring completely and functionally.

You can get your house wired in four stages. Just continue to read.

Temporary electric and underground conduit:

It's the very first step of a few hours in which you install a temporary electric pole and place down the conduits when your floor finishes the concrete process. It's an essential stage for the sites without existing electrical connections.


When you reach this stage, you will install all the wiring, electric boxing, and fixtures with great care in about 1-2 days. This whole thing is set up only before the drywall gets installed.

More Temporary Needs:

Suppose you want to install additional electricity wiring for your home appliance. You can only do it right at this stage. The period for this varies.


Another step that is done after the drywall gets installed is finishing. You must install all the switches, lights, fixtures, and outlets in about 1 to 2 days. After this step, you can access the finished wall.

Modifications And Warranty:

This is the last step to provide a warranty or make any necessary changes or modifications to your electric system. Its period varies according to the modifications occurring.

How Much Electric Wire Can I Use To Wire My House?

Every home needs to be electrically wired to enjoy the perks of appliances that work on electricity. If your house is small, you will need the average wire lengths. But if it is complex, you may need its double.

Generally, one foot of wire per square foot of your house would be needed. So you have to calculate according to this estimation.

It doesn't include detached structures like sheds or garages. For that, you will need an extra amount of wire. Good luck with your calculations.

Can you Live In A House During The Process Of Its Wiring?

I must not recommend living in a house while it's being wired. Wiring is a hazardous process that involves power outages or open walls. God forbids a mishap that can occur even with a spark.

If you chat positively with your electrician or carefully plan its installation, you can live for a minimum of days if assurance is provided.

It is better not to be inside throughout the process to avoid any inconvenience.

Factors Which Can Determine The Timings Of My Home Wiring

You know that building a house is a very lengthy process. You have to start from scratch and end it in a whole building. With every essential step, like wiring.

Everyone is excited and cannot wait to enjoy the newly painted fumes of walls or the sparkling lights that give you a well-lit home. A few factors determine the timing the whole wiring process will take.

These are:

The size of the home

You will finish your wiring within 3-4 days if you have a small apartment. But if you have a sizeable big house, that can take up to 9-10 days.

Electricians on site

If a single electrician works on site, you must avoid ending up quickly with your wiring. But if more working electricians are on site, you can get wiring on your desired timings.

Number of Appliances

If you have fewer Appliances to be connected with the wiring, you can have your work done in the minimum possible time or vice versa.

Number of outlets

Like the Appliances, we can determine the timings through the number of outlets one wants to install at home.

Surfaced cables or recessed cables

I have surfaced cables at one home while recessed cables at my rented apartments. I do remember the difference in timing when they were getting wired.

If you want a fast wiring process, must keep in mind the above mentioned factors. I would be feeling great if it helps you.

Cost of the Wiring Process

Everyone wants to guess about the cost while starting the wiring process. Let's break down the estimated cost in detail. It would help you as it personally did help me.

Your cost of the Wiring Process can be determined through some factors:

Electricity connectors providers

Electricity providers charge different amounts to connect your electricity. For wiring, you must have to contact one. The average amount is $12 to $90. That depends on who you hire.

Running electric wires to more or less areas

Suppose you want to pass the wiring through certain areas, like the garage or rooms only. That will cost you cheap.

But if you plan to pass it through the garage, granny flat, etc, that will need multiple sockets, lights, appliances, outlets, and much more. So, you will be charged accordingly, which comes out to be greater than the short area wiring.

Fixtures and Appliances

One should expect to pay between $3000 and $ 8000 for the fixtures and appliances. That may vary depending on the type of appliances you want to buy.


Nowadays, the market offers a price of $500 to $1000 for a switchboard. It's a very essential item in electrical processes.

Copper Wiring

$600 plus is a charger for the copper wire. It is the wire that runs through the whole building. The cost depends on the size of your house.


Each switch costs up to $60 to $120. Your total switch number will determine the cost for you.


The working laborer at your home will also ask for his fee. This also varies from labor to labor. Remember the cost of each labor while making your total estimated cost list.

After How Long Should I Rewire My House?

Here matters the outcome of your electronic wiring process. If professional electricians do it and everything is done with full care, it would take decades to rewire your house. But If a simple person does it with no skills, you may need to rewire it right after a month.

I will let you know about the signs. If you notice any, you have to rewire your house.

  • If the fuse blows rapidly

  • If the lights or bulbs are dimming and flicker daily

  • Sparking outlets

  • Circuit breakers trip regularly

  • Plugs and outlets don't plug into each other.

  • If your house is wired some 30- 40 years back, it needs rewiring.

Best Electrician To Hire For House Wiring

Above all, to avoid any inconvenience, to promote safe work, to avoid electric hazards, and to get rid of poor electric wiring systems. Hiring an expert and professional electrician with years of experience is crucial.

You must consider the following qualities while hiring one for your home.

  • He must have a license and insurance

  • He must have previous work experience, the reviews of which should be checked out before hiring.

  • His reputation should be noticed.

  • The cost he works on should be confirmed.

If you want any professional electrician in the UK , just leave a message. I will help you to find the best for you.


New house, new wiring system. To focus on each point, I had experience with the electric wiring process. Moreover, it would help if you remembered that it takes time to wire a house. But if everything goes smoothly, it only takes 3 to 10 days.

The best Electrician should be hired for this process. He should possess all the qualities mentioned above. It will lead to a safe and secure wiring system with less or no faults at all.

You will not worry about the electric hazards if you opt for a professional and experienced electrician.

The factors affecting the timings should also be remembered to have your wiring done on time. Buy the best quality products and items for your home. Buy them for once, and you will be free of troubles for decades.

Be safe, and once done with electric wiring, enjoy the well-lit house

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