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Why You Need To Update Your Rcd Protection?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Are you afraid to get the experience of touching something and that gives you an electric shock? Like a bare wire that has electricity and you even don't know. Or when you accidentally cut through the cable while trimming your lawn.

Then, it's time to eliminate your worries, as RCD has your back. You know that we have RCD in our homes solely to avoid the risks of electric mishaps.

It would help if you upgraded your RCD protection to lower the risk of electrical shocks and fires and promote your health and safety.

Let's dive deep into the details of what RCD is. What are its functions? Why are they upgraded? What leads to their upgradation? Be with me till the end to get a complete guide about RCDs.

Can I Install RCD To Cut Off My Electricity Supply When There IS A Faulty Electricity?

RCDs are designed solely to avoid any mishap due to any of the issues in the electric flow. Having one in your homes, offices, and apartments is essential.

You can install RCD to cut off your electric supplies when needed, ensuring that the landlord is responsible for electrical problems, such as faults in the flow of electricity. These RCDs are programmed to automatically break the electric current when they detect such issues.

They help avoid electric hazards and the risk of electric shocks. I have the updated RCDs installed, which is my peace of mind, knowing that the landlord is responsible for handling these crucial electrical problems.

Why Should I keep my RCD updated?

Safety and safety! It is fascinating for you to keep your RCD updated because it provides protection. If the RCD or the safety switchboard is not working correctly, it will lead to electric hazards.

It would help if you kept out updates to protect your living place from risks. The more reasons that lead to the upgradation of RCD are;

  • If you have an older version of RCD, it won't be able to cope with the newly designed appliances. It will get overloaded, and a mishap can occur.

  • Fire and shock risks are reduced with the use of newly designed RCDs. Better to update your old one.

  • You need to update your RCD to lower the risk of tripped circuit breakers.

  • The old type is for the old times. But, as technological advancement has taken place, type RCD cannot compete with smart meters.

The main reason, above all, is that an updated RCD saves lives by efficiently handling all the risks for which it is designed accordingly with time.

Can I Get Signs From My Old RCD For Its Upgradation?

All indications point towards a specific thing. Similarly, the Old RCD needs upgrading when it starts showing signs. It would help if you upgraded it when

  • You have outdated RCD, as you installed it when building your house. The age of your house determines the age of RCD.

  • Suppose the power outages and the system is at fault. Like the lights will flicker, or some appliances may get cut off with power.

  • When short-circuiting occurs, RCD is not working correctly, and it's time to upgrade it.

  • Happy to get new appliances! But that can lead to a sad disaster if the RCD is not up-to-date and compatible with them.

  • If you want to add a solar system to your apartment, you must upgrade your RCD.

  • If you want protection against any risk of fires or electric shock, upgrade your RCD.

It shows that you should upgrade your RCD with the switchboard, too. This upgrading process is vital for your property and life.


To put the whole thing up, life is more important than the worldly things. It would help if you upgraded your RCDs to the new version for the sake of your lives.

They have a lot of benefits and give protection. You can easily be protected without knowing about the faulty current as they cut off the electric supply to your property automatically and directly if any fault is detected in the electric flow.

Moreover, they do show signs of when to upgrade them. If you don't want to upgrade your RCD per your chosen time, wait for the signs the old version of RCD starts showing. Once it does, please upgrade it.

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